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  • Commerce Investigation Debunks "ClimateGate"

    The Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Commerce has concluded that climate researchers did not inappropriately manipulate data underlying climate change research.

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  • Insurers Struggle to Price Climate Change Risks

    Two studies released this week conclude what the private-sector insurance industry has already figured out: the number of extreme weather events experienced in recent years cannot be explained by natural variability alone.

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  • Bob Inglis in Houston Chronicle: Time to Change What We Tax

    Bob Inglis, Republican former Congressman from South Carolina, warns that conservatives might "miss the commercial opportunity of the century" if we don't change what we tax.

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  • Unrest in Middle East Underscores Need for Free Energy Market At Home

    If Saudi Arabia were to become unstable in a way similar to Egypt, unthinkable today, how would this impact a world that is scrapping toward some kind of economic recovery in the wake of the Great Recession?

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  • Free Market for Energy

    One of the core principals of conservative political and economic thought is that the market must be allowed to work. Why then do we not insist on a free market in energy?

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